Aramco’s 3rd Party Cyber Security Standard SACS002

Aramco’s 3rd Party Cyber Security Standard SACS002

All external companies must adhere to the Third Party Cybersecurity Controls Standard (SACS-002) and obtain the Cybersecurity Controls Compliance Certification, which is considered one of the parts of the Third Party Cybersecurity Controls Compliance Program launched by Saudi Aramco. The third-party compliance program with cybersecurity controls launched by Aramco applies to companies that aim to do business with Saudi Aramco.


This service provided by Etqaa Cybersecurity Services Provider Company helps organizations establish a framework for cybersecurity controls, formulate policies and procedures , conduct audits in order to prepare for the audit stage, and we also work to enable external institutions so that they obtain compliance accreditation. Saudi Aramco’s cybersecurity controls are among the auditing companies accredited by Aramco, and certainly the experience and knowledge of Etqaa Cybersecurity Company will enable you to obtain accreditation with the appropriate controls in place.

At Etqaa Cybersecurity Services Company, we have drawn a road map to adopt compliance with cybersecurity controls to ensure achieving the highest standards of adherence to cybersecurity controls.

1) Knowing the organization’s infrastructure, determining the current situation, and evaluating the maturity level related to cybersecurity, through meeting with our clients.

2) Create security policies or review security policies (if any)

3) Consultations and recommendations on required programs.

4) Download the required programs and make settings for them.

5) Preparing the report, which will be sent to the Aramco-certified auditor.

We care fully about your project and stay with you step by step. We are keen to provide all the required consultations to meet all Aramco cybersecurity controls, and we design security programs for you that meet the organization’s needs and are cost-effective.

Many clients have obtained Aramco CCC certification through us, and we have many experts in the field of cybersecurity, so you can be confident that we know exactly what Aramco is looking for.

We offer all this at competitive prices

To achieve Aramco’s cybersecurity controls, we need (40) working hours (5 full working days) if the required programs are provided.

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